"The end of a stage of evolution is usually marked by a powerful recrudescence of all that has to go out of the evolution."
Sri Aurobindo

Deep Adaptation Auroville

DEEP ADAPTATION Auroville is a collective of information exchange on climate change, the socio-environmental collapse and adaptation to its consequences in Auroville and the bioregion in order to move into practical actions towards more mutual-aid and solidarity, resilience and sustainability.

COVID-19 TASK FORCE call for volunteers!

Dear Deep Adapters, 2 ways to help the community!

1. COVID-19 Tack Force need your help!

Contact covid19taskforce@auroville.org or Amy +91 80988 41041

Teams of two (2) are asked to:

  1. Ensure social distancing between people in the queue & in the billing line;
  2. Ensure that people are wearing a mask & sanitizing their hands before they enter;
  3. Check & enter the temperature of the workers & volunteers in the log book before they start work (there is an infrared thermometer);
  4. Make sure that only 5 people are shopping inside at a time;
  5. Ensure that the workers are also wearing masks all the time & sanitizing their hands from time to time.
    For one person it is every day from 08:00 to 10:30 ( or more people share the weekly schedule ).
    We may need someone for Saturdays (only) from 10:30 to 1 pm also.
    We seek a commitment through 3 May

You can reach us by sending an email to covid19taskforce@auroville.org.in or WhatsApp Amy at +91 80988 41041


Bring support to people who needs it!


Receiver are People who needs help ! For: SHOPPING, Get some MEDICINE, TALK Exchange (by whatsapp, skype or at the café), RIDE to go somewhere, etc…


Any member of DA whatsapp group can be a giver!


1. By using whatsapp: share the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/DzbImj8i5Bl4Bok8qIATkm with the person who needs support!

he/she will express his/her need!

Spread the need (with cellphone) on the DA group whatsapp if the person do not / can not use whatsapp !

2. Catch the specific need that you can fulfill if you want to participate.

3. Inform the rest of the DA group that you CATCH IT !

4. Reply privately or by phone with the receiver to fill the need.

Once it is done, inform the DA group!

And so on… Lets START !