"The end of a stage of evolution is usually marked by a powerful recrudescence of all that has to go out of the evolution."
Sri Aurobindo

Deep Adaptation Auroville

DEEP ADAPTATION Auroville is a collective of information exchange on climate change, the socio-environmental collapse and adaptation to its consequences in Auroville and the bioregion in order to move into practical actions towards more mutual-aid and solidarity, resilience and sustainability.

Quiet Beach Environment Disaster: We need your help!

23 Dec Wed, 3:00   

Come to clean the beach at Quiet this WEDNESDAY at 3.00 PM.

Bring gloves, Mamati and knife to cut the tarpaulin and bags and remove the stones from the bags.

Quiet Beach, 20 December 2020

Dear friends,

There's a massive environmental disaster happening at Quiet beach.
If we don't act fast tons of plastic will go into the sea & the marine life will be severely damaged.

The huge plastic sheets & plastic bags that Quiet had put all along it's borders are slowly being swallowed by the sea. Some of us are deeply concerned as all this plastic is going to severely harm and kill sea creatures.

Come to clean the beach at Quiet this WEDNESDAY at 3.00 PM.

It's a very sad situation there after the cyclones hit our coast.

We want to collect all this plastic. Since the cyclone, the sea has destroyed the sea wall which was constructed with plastic bags filled with stones and covered with plastic tarpaulins. Some of these sheets have gone deep into the sand.

We need lots of manpower to be able to dig and pull out all this plastic before the sea swallows it.

Quiet Beach, Wednesday 23th Dec. 3.00pm.

Bring gloves, Mamati and knife to cut the tarpaulin and bags and remove the stones from the bags.

All plastic will be taken to Minvayu at Terrasoul for recycling.

Quiet Beach 10 December 2020

Connecting with your ECOLOGICAL SELF


Commitment: 3 two-hour Zoom sessions.
Dates: Saturdays - Oct 10th, 17th & 24th;
Time: 2-4pm IST or 10:30am -12:3 pm CET or 6:30-8:30pm EAST- Suitable for India, Asia, Europe, UK and Australia

  • - Are you someone who cares about the Earth?
  • - Are you worried about the future of our species?
  • - Are you missing like-minded community and connection to nature during this lockdown?

Join me on a facilitated exploration and experience your Ecological-Self through its interconnectedness to the living ecosystem of the Earth.
Deriving from disciplines of Deep Ecology, Systems Theory, Eco-psychology and 'Work that Reconnects', these explorations are held through sessions that include guided meditations, experiential processes, group sharing, individual reflections, art and poetry in a safe space to fill you with the felt experience that YOU are Nature.
" Our interdependence with all life of Earth has profound implications for our attitudes and actions. We under-estimate ourselves, when we identify self with narrow competitive ego. With sufficient all-sided maturity,we not only move on from ego to a social self and a metaphysical self, but an ecological self as well. Through widening circles of identification, we vastly extend the boundaries of our self-interest, and enhance our joy and meaning in life."
Joanna Macy and Molly Brown, Coming Back To Life, 1998

Please contact me on +91-7598993684 (ph/whatapp) or laks.venu2010@gmail.com

Payment: 2000 - 5000 INR for 3 sessions; It is a sliding scale to allow people with limited funds to attend. Choosing a higher amount will help pay for people without funds to attend. No one will be turned away because
of lack of funds.

Free One-on-One Introductory Session
Using the link below, you can book a 15- 30 minute introductory zoom session with me. This a time to get to know me, my facilitation style, the material covered in the workshop, address any questions or concerns you might have, and to discuss payment options.
I am welcoming you to an honest and transparent conversation regarding this workshop. You will also get details to book-in, including payment methods, links, etc.


Lakshmi Venugopal is an experienced facilitator of Deep Ecology and the Work That Reconnects. She has been leading diverse groups, both in India and Australia, for the past 12 years. Her sessions help people rediscover their profound connection to themselves, each other and the Earth. She facilitates transformational www.linkedin.com/in/lv2020 environmental leadership workshops and has been active in Climate Adaptation work internationally.

Join Laure’s talk to learn how to reduce your daily waste.

16 Oct Fri, 5:00   

Towards a law waste life.
Join Laure’s talk to learn how to reduce your daily waste.
She lives a (nearly) zero waste lifestyle.
She will explain practically how to produce less waste and give some tips and tricks applicable to Auroville. The talk will be followed a Q&A session.

On line workshop: How to reduce your daily waste?

09 Oct Fri, 3:30   

How to reduce your daily waste?

For a special introductory price, a one-hour webinar on how to reduce your daily waste, brought to you by Laure, a zero-waste champion!

To register:https://agpworkshops.com/workshops/how-to-reduce-your-daily-waste/
Contact Priya: +918608217030 - (WhatsApp/SMS: messaging only)


19 Sep Sat, 7:00   

Saturday 19th of September


Become a PLOGGER*

*Plogging is a Swedish term which means picking up garbage while jogging or exercising.


Start your journey by WALKING around your community… And COLLECT the waste you find on your way. Bring it back to your community and SORT it in your collective community bins. Send us SELFIE with waste you collected to damien@auroville.org.in


Join us every WED. at Quiet’s Beach and SAT. at Tanto Beach 4-6 pm

DEEP ADAPTATION Waste Solutions team

Livia, Satya, Sara, Vivek, Karine, Vivek, Alexia, Laure, Laurence, Damien

Auroville PLOGGING!


If you want to join me, call me on the 9600643366 or send me a mail at poissonkarine@yahoo.fr

Plogging is a Swedish term which means picking up garbage while jogging or exercising.

Karine, plogger around Luminosity!

I love walking into the nature. I’ve been living all my life in the country side, away from cities pollution. I’m completely aware that I need to exercise every day and even more, while getting older. I am 51 years old. When I came to Auroville, I start walking on the “sentiers” to discover unknown places, communities, peoples and dogs. I was feeling so good to be at last here, in this wonderful place, AUROVILLE, the city of Truth.

So every morning, I was having an appointment with the nature of Auroville roads. After few weeks doing that and enjoying it, I thought I could join (l’utile à l’agréable) by bringing a bag with me to collect the waste. Because, those great red soil roads were sooooo polluted by cans, plastics and glass bottles, multi-layer packagings, masks, etc…I had to do something.

So I stitched myself a bag out of a construction 20 litters bag, and transform it in a Waste BackPack to carry the waste during my walk. I also love to walk with walking sticks to improve the benefits of muscles workout and actually, those sticks were also very useful to grab the waste. I also bring 6 cookies for my cute little dogs. If you could see how happy they are when they ear my strange walking sound with those sticks and they know they will receive my little gifts. Their happiness make my happy day. After an hour of walking, my bag is quiet full. I empty it on the trash bins of my community. It’s always a great moment to do my morning routine, even if I don’t understand how human can be that non responsible and detached from the nature to think the soil will absorb their trash. I dream of a place cleaner, an India cleaner, a World cleaner. So I do my part.

If you want to join me, call me on the 9600643366 or send me a mail at poissonkarine@yahoo.fr

Sea ploggers – Interview with Satya and Andrea

During the recent lockdown a few of us have come together to clean the beaches near Auroville. We have formed a group called “Sea Ploggers”


To join our whatsApp group please send me your name to 9442341398.



Tanto’s beach on Wednesday 4-6pm
Quiet Beach on Saturday at 4-6 pm
Sorting and recycling work at Terra Soul Farm’s Makers Space in Auroville from 10.00 to 1.00 every morning except Sunday.

Our Beach clean up group is making a positive impact on our beaches and in our community’s minds and hearts.

We are a group of volunteers from different backgrounds, places and ages that come together to collect, sort and recycle or upcycle all kinds of trash. We have met regularly for several months to enjoy the ocean and beach together and to do this beach clean up Karma yoga or service.

We invite you: whether a resident or visitor; an Aurovillian or local villager; a child youth, adult or senior citizen to join and share our passion for a cleaner beach and ocean and a way of living more sustainably and restoratively on our beautiful planet earth.

We hope you will come to one of the fun beach clean ups: currently at Tanto’s beach (across from Puducherry University) on Saturday at 4-6 pm ans Quiet's beach on Wednesday at 4-6pm. And also please come help our amazing plastic sorting and recycling work at Terra Soul Farm’s Makers Space in Auroville from 10.00 to 1.00 every morning except Sunday.

Please look at our poster and listen to the Auroville Radio podcast for more information. Thank you

Contact Livia for whatsapp group: +91 80564 61257

Instagram: @zerowastebeach

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/indiabeachcleanup/

Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/D4h2yzoNGvK1tEFgOqEGfN

For plastic recycling contact Minvayu Makerspace (at Terra Soul Farm) minvayu@gmail.com

Article about our team on Yourspositively.com




You are between 22 and 55, in good health, please come and help
Contact : covid19taskforce@auroville.org.in

Category 1 - for logistics and delivery of supplies such as food, medicines, etc. For those who have tested negative supplies will be delivered to the building and then left outside the door of the quarantined person. For those who have tested positive, supplies will be brought to the gate of the compound only, not even to the building itself, so volunteers in this category will not come in contact with the isolated individual(s).

Category 2 - should be willing to serve quarantined persons, both positive or negative cases, for basic necessities, without any direct contact, but physical presence inside the facility will be required. Hence, it will be mandatory to wear protective gear. This category will undergo basic training with a paramedic professional.

Category 3 - willing to be available on a rotational basis as a physical presence at the facility, in order to offer additional support and point of contact as required.

Category 4 - URGENT NEED for driving people in an Omni van belonging to the Visitors' Center, to the Covid testing center, with proper protection. This category will undergo basic training for wearing protective gear, as well as the protocols to be followed while on duty and cleaning of vehicle. These volunteers must be Aurovilian and be covered under the Health Fund or private health insurance that covers Covid 19. Indian driver's license is also a must.

(Call from Covid 19 task force and working committee)

Join Roots Auroville


To share the beauty of discovering, cooking, enjoying Auroville-grown food, cultivated and wild, & connection with each other, with soil, water, what nourishes us - back to our Roots.

If some of us feel like to, we can meet for sharing, cooking, potluck, farm/nature walk/work.

Join the whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/F3w0JTgqvFh4djmxBCMyLE

Join us: make a permaculture circle garden


Or how to organize the implementation, the action and the understanding of how to make a circle garden…
by Krishna Mckenzie, Solitude Farm - Auroville

Join us on whatsapp Circle Garden | solitudepermaculture@gmail.com | Krishna +91 98433 19260



    A single garden requires circular space of 3 metres diameter including pathways and trenches. Water is absolutely essential for this garden. Wastewater from the communities can be used for this purpose.

    Mulching around the plants and trenches along and with the circle will also reduce irrigation needs.

    Green, dry or wet is fine.


    For now plant only fruit tree, it is the heat season... What you can plant right now is the Ramphal (during may) in the middle of your circle garden. Around the circle, there is a banana, drumstick, papaya tree, turkey berry ans some spinaches and tapioca... As long as you water and mulch them.

  6. Pending July for planting the seeds...


A circle garden is based on the concept of Permaculture, integrating a variety of plants of different physiologies and time durations.

The circle garden has a central fruit tree such as Bullock’s heart, Custard Apple, Soursop, Citrus, Jackfruit etc., and other local plants such as Drumstick, Banana, Papaya, Chaya, Wild Chili, Curry leaf, Sweet leaf, Turkey Berry, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Sweet Potato, Tapioca, Spinaches, Gourds, Pumpkins, Ladies finger, Clitoria ternatea etc. growing around the fruit tree. All these plants grow easily, use less water, have high nutritional and medicinal values and taste great.


A circle garden is a great way to initiate a community garden project and pick up the skills and attitudes required to explore our relationship with where our food comes from.

This garden requires limited time and resources, can be managed easily by a single person and can be created right outside your house, in community spaces, along fences, around parking plots, in schools, around PTDC, Solar Kitchen, Auroville library, Visitor Center etc. The possibilities are limitless!

Many communities have already reached out and have started to create their gardens. The best time to start these gardens is NOW!

We are happy to provide plants, seeds, contacts for composts, biomass, ideas and energy to start in Auroville communities. We will also follow up on the progress of the gardens and offer continuing support.