"The end of a stage of evolution is usually marked by a powerful recrudescence of all that has to go out of the evolution."
Sri Aurobindo

Deep Adaptation Auroville

DEEP ADAPTATION Auroville is a collective of information exchange on climate change, the socio-environmental collapse and adaptation to its consequences in Auroville and the bioregion in order to move into practical actions towards more mutual-aid and solidarity, resilience and sustainability.

Deep Adapter LISTENING

Need a support to talk and to be listened to? Call us!

On the way to resilience, adapting to the unknown, we sometimes go through challenging emotional states. Sharing the path, the daily questions, keeping the collective alive, helps a lot walk the path smoothly

Several structures in Auroville are offering their help for deep listening

  • Mattram,
  • Santé Clinic,
  • Deep adaptation,
  • Aura Platform,
  • A lot of individuals are ready to help and listen…

Joy, Mood & Mental Health during isolation

Joy is certainly one of the main ingredients to stay healthy.

During times of COVID, people may experience isolation through possible quarantine, or Government guidelines to not spread the virus. Isolation may lead not only to loneliness, but also to unwanted mindsets and emotions, that can generate physical related side-effects like sleeplessness or loss of appetite, sometimes to depression and anger.

Here are a few possibilities on how to keep a mental full of joy, regardless of the circumstances, during periods of isolation.

1. Knowledge, understanding what happen within:

Normality of mood changes: Fluctuations of mood are normal and should be considered and accepted as such. Living is passing through experiences which may lead to joy or sadness. Although one’s goal should be to reach a balanced state of mind, it is not always easy to reach and to remain in it. Be kind to yourself!

·        Be aware of too big gaps in mood changes: Alternating between highs and lows of mood, is similar for the body as alternating from hot to cold temperature. At some point, it becomes overwhelming and may lead to issues.

2. Techniques, Toolbox to balance:

Observing: the immediate effect of observing is that you withdraw from the ‘doer-attitude’, changing your focus and bringing immediate relief

·         Reframing: A very accessible tool is to treat the problem on a higher level at its origin. The purpose is for the problem to be diluted into something bigger and helps it to dissolve.

·         Entertainment: Doing something enjoyable and totally different, brings back a change of focus, in which the concern is put aside temporarily but long enough to consider that the matter was not actually as big as it seemed.

·         Socializing with friends allows to feel less lonely and also reframes naturally personal concerns that can easily be diluted into collective ones. Chat frequently with relatives and close friends, can prevent loneliness and bring acceptance.

·         Doing “as if”: is a great tool for 

  1. experiencing things differently
  2. bringing some immediate relief 
  3. making things easier for the next time

This group is for you!

DA listening and sharing is a what’sapp group carrying this intention where you can share your emotions and daily issues on the path with others.

Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FhAkvKRuEAqI13oAxffaBY
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