"The end of a stage of evolution is usually marked by a powerful recrudescence of all that has to go out of the evolution."
Sri Aurobindo

Deep Adaptation Auroville

DEEP ADAPTATION Auroville is a collective of information exchange on climate change, the socio-environmental collapse and adaptation to its consequences in Auroville and the bioregion in order to move into practical actions towards more mutual-aid and solidarity, resilience and sustainability.

Deep Adaptation Group notes – a precautionary approach to Corona Virus

  • 1. We are in a pandemic and in Auroville things have now gone too far for a reactive approach to the virus. We recommend a strong precautionary approach, which leads to adaptation in order to minimise spread. This means isolation of individuals and Communities.
  • 2. With no cases yet in Auroville, it is a time to boost our immune systems, ensure our food stocks are adequate and come to agreements in our Communities and groups of how we handle things if and when they get difficult. (Let us call this phase #1.)
  • 3. If the virus begins to spread in Auroville, we are at the next phase of radically reducing contact with others, maintaining a high level of hygiene and finding ways of working that minimise physical contact. (Let us call this phase #2.)
  • 4. If we have a significant number of cases, such as 5% to 10% of Aurovillians being infected, we move to lockdown strategies. (Let us call this phase #3.)
  • 5. Tracking contacts of infected individuals: If from the checking and subsequent testing, infected individuals are identified, we investigate the complete history of their contacts for the previous week and track and test those persons. This has to be done in great detail and relentlessly.
  • 6. Phase #1: The current situation…

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World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public